....4th heroes tourney -- 10€ entry, come join the fun and warm up for the Individual World Championship in March played at BG Studio Heroes!!!



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WBIF Tour 2020 is announced!

Live Final again in Korinth / Greece!

Details will be announced soon

Also a tournament webpage is under construction :)
(10.10.2019 )


Календарь турнира

Tourneys with membership fee:

01.01.20 WBIF Tour 1st online tourney
15.02.20 WBIF Tour 2nd online tourney
01.04.20 WBIF Tour 3rd online tourney
Live Final in Greece!

October 2020: WBIF Tour Live Final in Greece!

01.04.20 Championscup
01.04.20 Europeancup

15.09.20 Draw of World Team Championship 2020

01.11.19 4th Heroes Open
08.11.19 17th WBIF Open

Tourneys without membership fee:
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