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19.07.2018 National Croatian Championship 2019


Participation is open for all persons from Croatia or players with Interest of Live in Croatia and who pays the required entrance fee of Euro 10,- .

Starting Date: The tournament will start on 22.01.2019. The duration of the tournament dependents on the number of participants.

Modus: The tournament will be played in 6-times-Ko - mode:

Each participant plays until he has either lost 6 times and is therefore eliminated or the only participant with fewer defeats in the tournament. All pairings are played to 13 points . The pairings of rounds 1 to 6 are randomly drawn and played at the same time . Then the draw for the pairings will be made round by round according to the Swiss system tournament software by Hans-Jürgen Werner. Matches are played on Gridgammon server - only special cases can use other servers. All games are played to 13 points . Participants without an account at Gridgammon are asked to make a request - mentioning the participation in this EBIF Tournament - at ebif@gmx.at . The result of the game is to be reported using the form on the website - login - my ebif! The game reports shall be attached and will be evaluated with eXtreme Gammon and results will be published .

Participation fee and prices:

To participate in the tournament a starting fee of 10,- Euro will be charged. Payment is possible via Paypal to ebif@gmx.at.

The tourney serves as a qualifier for the online team: 4 people with best PRs + the winner of the tournament.

The three top-ranked participants of the tournament are rewarded with individual certificates as well as the distribution of the remaining entry fee 45% / 25% / 15% / 10% / 5% (50% / 30% / 20% if less than 20 participants! ).

10% of the entry fee is registration fee..

The english EBIF-rules are applied.

Applications to the tournament :

Applications to the tournament possible from now on till 31.01.2019 by using the registration form on the website. Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director.

Flyer of the tournament