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The Performance-Rate is calculated like in extremegammon. That means, older games have less importance in the calculation than the newest ones. The calculation is based on a decision half life of 10.000. This means that a game played 10.000 decisions ago is twice less important than the last game played. A game played 30.000 decisions ago is 8 time less important than the latest game. Active players are players, who played at least one match in the last 365 days.

Participants Association

Rank Name Nickname Gridgammon All 5 10 25
1. Flag Great Britain M3 Leo Waters krakbedouin 3,824,394,083,82
2. Flag Great Britain G3 Sebastian Wilkinson Pyrrhic 4,013,883,953,92
3. Flag Great Britain G3 Gaz Owen gaztafari 4,073,543,813,90
4. Flag Great Britain G3 Tim Cross timcrazy 4,464,144,39-
5. Flag Great Britain M2 Chris Rogers keen2learn 5,614,324,385,01
6. Flag Great Britain M2 Charles Hill CHillagain 6,066,766,035,78
7. Flag Great Britain Simon Cocking Simonc1985 7,007,296,78-
8. Flag Great Britain Cecilia Sparke Sparkie 7,376,987,51-
9. Flag Great Britain Andrew Selby Selbs 8,578,108,14-
10. Flag Great Britain Ian Hesketh Siggerson 8,808,578,90-
11. Flag Great Britain Mark Dixon markdixon 9,5312,2710,579,53
12. Flag Great Britain Anna Price Fishoutofwat 10,919,7610,15-