Deadline: 01.03.2017Registered Players: 1
Deadline: 01.01.2017Registered Players: 31
Deadline: 16.01.2017Registered Players: 13


EBIF Tour: Online Tourney Nr. 1 announced!

The first European online Tour with Live Final in Vienna october 2017!Three online qualifiers for Live grand Final in Vienna October 2017! (19.11.2016 )

deadline Team Champ round 6 changed!

Cause or Merit Open deadline changed to sunday 13.11.2016!! (31.10.2016 )

Start 8th ebif open: changed to 26th October

Open will start after live Team Champ in Helsingor! (12.10.2016 )

Final of Turkish Online Championship 2016:

Champion 2016 is Ugur Ilhami Ozden !!! 2nd Place:Emrullah Cosar (04.10.2016 )

Team event -  Replaced player:

Bernhard Mayr instead of Thomas Köb, Sinisa Vrhovec instead of Dado Martincevic, Heimo Löbler instead of Mario Lazzer and Aleksandr Grin instead of Leonid Riskin (12.09.2016 )


Tournament Calendar

Tourneys with membership fee:

01.09.16 Team Championship
26.10.16 8th ebif open
Tourneys without membership fee:
15.11.16 Greece Championship
01.12.16 Austrian Championship
16.01.17 Bulgarian Championship