Deadline: 01.12.2016Registered Players: 15
Deadline: 01.11.2016Registered Players: 9
Deadline: 16.10.2016Registered Players: 76


Team event -  Replaced player:

Bernhard Mayr instead of Thomas Köb, Sinisa Vrhovec instead of Dado Martincevic and Aleksandr Grin instead of Leonid Riskin (12.09.2016 )

European Cup 2016 Finished!!

1st place: Jess Danielsen!!! 2nd place: Roohollah Amiri Andy!! 3rd place: Wolfgang Bacher!! (27.06.2016 )

EBIF Scheduling Time!

EBIF Scheduling Time!: (24.06.2016 )

Change of rules: No show at scheduled time!!

Missed appointments If an arranged appointment cannot be kept, the opponent should be informed immediately and the match can be scheduled again. Otherwise, if a participant does not show up to play his match within 15 minutes after the scheduled time, the match starts with one point for the present participant. For each additional 5 minutes delay the present participant wins an additional point, so 1-0 after 15 minutes, 2-0 after 20 minutes, and so on. If the present participant reaches more than the half of the required points, he wins the match, for example 6 points in a 11-point-match. If the delayed participant appears, the points have to be entered at the beginning of the match by using the resign-function. (20.06.2016 )

European Championscup 2016 Finished!!

1st place: Toni Bernaba 2nd place: Cihangir Cetinel Shared 3rd place: Jalil Khalili and Karol Szczerek Congratulations !!! (16.06.2016 )


Tournament Calendar

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01.06.16 Seventh EBIF Open

01.02.16 Sixth EBIF Open
01.03.16 Champions Cup
01.03.16 European Cup
01.09.16 Team Championship
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21.03.16 Turkish Championship