28.02.2017 - Satelite for Island European Single Champ 2017 (EBIF)

The winner of this single KO tourney wins a slot in the European Single Champ in Island!

The tournament will start as soon as all places are filled. The duration of the tournament will be max. 3 weeks.

The calculated performance rate has no influence on the outcome of the tournament . In addition, the EBIF tournament rules apply.

All games are played to 13 points . The matches of the tournament are played with GridGammon - but if a player has no Gridgammon account the match has to be played on EBIF Tiger server. The nick name for each server (GridGammon and FIBS) is recorded and published at registration. Participants without an account at Gridgammon are asked to make a request - mentioning the participation in this EBIF Tournament - at .

The result of the game is to be reported by using the form on the website to the Tournament Director . The game reports shall be attached - best sgg - and will be evaluated with eXtreme Gammon and results will be published .

To participate in the tournament a starting fee of 33,00 € will be charged. Payment is possible by bank transfer or Paypal.

10% of the entry fee is registration fee.

The EBIF-rules are apllied.

Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director.

Flyer of the tournament