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Regional Association
By joining a national association of EBIF I'm entitled to participate in the EBIF tournaments and possibly to represent the country in european tournaments. No other rights or obligations arise from joining a national association. Membership in a national association can be acquired solely if the applicant either holds the nationality of or has the center of interest in that country. Joining more than one EBIF national association is not possible.
Nick Gridgammon
Nick EBIF-Tiger
Announcement / Tournament Rules
I have read the announcement of the tournament and the tournament rules published on the website and I agree to both.
Publication of data / privacy
I agree that my above data, the results of the matches and the analysed match logs will be stored and published on the websites of EBIF Germany and EBIF Europe. The email address is provided exclusively to facilitate contact among the participants of the respective tournament and must not be used for other purposes.