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French Team:

French Team decided not to take part at Team Championship 2018

EBIF Committee decided therfor to give a "bye" to oponents in first 3 rounds!
(05.10.2018 )


calendrier tournoi

Tourneys with membership fee:

15.01.19 EBIF Tour 1st online tourney
01.03.19 EBIF Tour 2nd online tourney
15.04.19 EBIF Tour 3rd online tourney

18.-20th October 2019: EBIF Tour Live Final in Malta!

01.04.19 Championscup
01.04.19 Europeancup

01.09.18 European Team Championship

15.11.18 14th EBIF Open
01.05.19 15th EBIF Open
15.07.19 16th EBIF Open

Tourneys without membership fee:
National Championships