About EBIF

Brief introduction to the EBIF and its Requirements

The three basic requirements for each Nation participating in the EBIF are:

  1. All matches played are at least to 7 points
  2. Electronic match files should be submitted for every match played
  3. It is the responsibility of each participating Nation to manage and maintain its database and match files on an own website, inputting scores, modifying tables and ranking lists as appropriate. Scheduling of matches is similarly the responsibility of the participating Player.

These webpages is available in English, German, and Turkish.

EBIF Background
The European Backgammon Internet Federation (EBIF) is an internet based organisation which provides a framework to participating Nations to organise and manage online National Championship backgammon tournaments. Austria, Switzerland, Czechia, Germany, Croatia, Iran, Greece and Turkey organise National Championships through the EBIF, and other countries are expected to participate soon.

In addition to National Championships, the EBIF will also host and organise (with the assistance of participating Nations) the following European international events:

  1. EBIF European Nations Team Tournament: European Champions League
  2. Champions Cup (for the three best Players of national championships)
  3. European Cup (for fourth, fifth and sixth places in the National Championships)
  4. Open tournaments for participants from all European Countries registered with the EBIF: EBIF Open

The EBIF provides and maintains a database of error-rate based performance ratings for all players participating in international EBIF events.

EBIF Tournaments Format
Generally, tournaments will be of the round robin format, typically with the participants playing each other at least once depending on the specific tournament requirements. Matches will be played to at least 7 points. The round robin tournaments are of no fixed schedule and are therefore very flexible for the participants who are required to arrange and schedule their own matches at mutually convenient times and dates with their opponents (allowing flexibility for different time zones if appropriate). On average, players will play one match per week over the duration of the tournament. Another important format within EBIF is the Triple-KO Modus

EBIF Registration
Registration is free but is managed by the participating National Federations/Associations. The applicant must provide the following data: First and Last Names, email address, preferred Backgammon Server (e.g., GridGammon, FIBS, etc.), Nickname on Server, and Nationality. Only Nicknames and names will be visible on the EBIF website. Successful applicants will receive further tournament details via email. Only Servers which allow the electronic saving of matchfiles will be used for EBIF events. Each individual EBIF event will be held on one particular Server. It should be noted that the EBIF website is not a Backgammon Server.

The tournament draw sheets and results tables are available on the website at “Active Torunaments”.

In addition to the annual titles of National Champion, Champions Cup Winner, and EBIF Cup Winner, it is anticipated that in the future Mastership titles will be awarded for high achieving players in the following categories:

  1. Candidate Master (CM)
  2. International Master (IM)
  3. Grandmaster (GM)